Messin’ about on my PC…..

Here’s number 57a in my new series of digitally altered sketches…

The process goes like this:

I create the original pencil sketch from observation, reference photos, thumbnails done on site and my memory of what it felt like to be there.

I then either add the pen lines, then the wtaercolour washes…sometimes I will do the washes first then ad the ink lines over the top. Doing things this way feels less like ‘colouring in’ and can result in a less tightly structured image.

I then go back over  the line work to add emphasis to some of the lines -this can give more depth to the image.

I will then scan the finished sketch, to be used for subsequent prints, and lately for digital manipulation. I use a graphics programme called Corel Draw to create a digitally-editable (new word there!) vectorised image which I then proceed to alter. Sometimes, the software’s interpretation of the subtleties of watercolour can produce some quite striking results with no interference form me, but more often than not, I will choose what colours to use, which lines to delete or enhance…it’s a fascinating exercise, as I can create/use colour effects that are simply not possible with brushes. The finished results are still my work, as they are in effect, my drawings, but the palette is one which isn’t possible with watercolour pigment, and look more vibrant and almost screen printed.

Here’s one I did earlier…

Digital  Cod & Lobster

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