Workshops in the Dales…

I’m really excited to have finalised dates for more line and wash workshops in one of the best venues I can think of to spend a day sketching and painting: Broadrake, near Ingleton…the date are all on this link, and rachel will be delighted to hear from you……first one is in July, so we’re hoping for good weather for the morning’s sketching…

Here are a couple of pics from last year’s courses….

New cards added to my Etsy shop

I’ve just taken delivery of a set of new greetings cards and these are now listed across on my Etsy shop:


Here’s just one of the new designs…..this painting of the view down the hill into Staithes sold at last year’s Festival…


An exciting start to the year!!!!

In terms of greeting cards, they don’t come much bigger than Hallmark: formed in 1910, they produce billions of cards a year, worldwide. Can you imagine, then, the state of my chuffedness (made-up word) to open an email from the UK creative manager asking if I’d like to help them create a new cleaner contemporary style of cards using my line drawings? Evidently, we’re ‘on the same page’ as they want clean, crisp drawings with some colour -right up my street.
Excited doesn’t even start to cover it….I finished the first four commissioned drawings for Hallmark ahead of time! I can’t post full size pics of them for obvious reasons, but here’s a tiny, very zoomed-in section of one of them. I’m also pleased that I managed to stick to the brief and NOT colour them in fully, as they were very specific about wanting lots of uncluttered line work left 
Quietly pleased with oneself.

In other news:  Here it is…my first Dalesman feature- number 1 in a new regular series featuring my drawings of Yorkshire.
On sale now at all reputable newsagents. Quite an amazing feeling standing in WH Smiths seeing my work in a national magazine!

Dalesman February 2018 issue

Ho, Ho, Ho

It’s that time of year again…a time for me to sincerely thank everyone who’s taken the time to look at my drawings , comment, share, and support what I’m trying to do, to everyone who’s been on a workshop, attended a demo, commissioned a drawing or given me a place to show my stuff…I have some really exciting events happening in 2018…watch this space.

Merry Christmas to you ALL…and heartfelt wishes for a peaceful, prosperous New Year.


Workshops list, updated

I’m fortunate to have a large number of workshops booked  well into next year, and, after a remark on my event in Ilkley  last week, I thought it would be useful to list the dates and locations, so anyone interested  can perhaps find one nearest? 

Many of the workshops are run by art clubs and societies for their own membership, but I know many of them do active welcome visitors to their events, so if any of these interest you, drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with the folks concerned.

Some are open to all comers though, and I’ve identified those with a capital P for public.

Here they are, in chronological order: I will update the list on monthly basis

*UPDATED 1 December  -the workshop at Ilkley on the 17 February 2018 still has 2 places left…email me for details.


February 10 Workshop for Gibside Art Group

February 17  full day workshop at Ilkley Studios  P

March 3 Workshop at Farsley Art Club 

March 17 Workshop at Calder Graphics, Huddersfield P  

Line and wash workshop at Calder Graphics

March 24  Full day workshop for Penrith Art Society

April 20 Workshop at Artison, Masham

May 17 Line and wash day at Broadrake, Ingleton P

May 29  Workshop for Carlton Art Club, Snaith near Goole

June 13  Workshop for Camsall Art Society, near Wakefield.

June 15 Workshop for Crofton Art Society, near Wakefield.

September 22    Urban sketching workshop Calder Graphics, Huddersfield P


Here’s an example of what you can expect on such an event….






My demo piece form the line and wash workshop at Ilkley Studios, December 3















I was on the telly….

….only in brief glimpses, but I was there!

Now it’s being broadcast, we’re allowed to reveal that we (I) took part in one of the heats of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. After not being chosen to be one of the pod people, I was invited to be a wild card on one of the heats -I chose Knaresborough as its only half an hour from home -but with hindsight, I should have picked Paddy’s Hole near Middlesbrough. The views at Knaresborough are very pretty and well known, but they’ve been done to death by hundreds of artists, whereas the semi industrial landscape in the North east is definitely more my cup of tea. Oh well….the whole day was an absolutely fascinating experience though…great to spend the day in the company of other artists, professional or otherwise, and to see first hand how a TV show is filmed…so many people in the crew,so much gear, and they all had a hearty (three course, catered lunch) unlike my humble sarnies.

Fascinating also to watch the other wild cards, some of whom obviously set out to catch the camera’s eye, with massive canvasses, elaborate painting set ups and  distinctive clothing..I will say no more.

Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted my now infamous massage by the fragrant Kathleen Soriano, who thought I was in artistic torment,when in reality, I had thrown my first piece on the floor in disgust at having overworked it, trying to make the drawing last the 4 hours, when I’d finished it in 90 minutes, then spent another 45 ruining it.

my over worked piece
My second , slightly better piece which drew the kind comment from Tai Schan

The highlight of the day for me was when Tai Schan Schierenberg watched me working for a few minutes, and commented ‘you obviously know what you’re doing’, patted my shoulder and carried on…he also returned to say he liked how I had left part of the drawing unpainted,’ letting the watercolour breathe’ his words.

Here are a few pics from the day, including my 2 drawings, and screen grabs of my TV career.

Workshop places are filling up fast……

….on my next two line and wash workshops in Ilkley…I’m happy to say, but there are still places left, so email me for further information and payment details….have a look at the flyer…..

In other workshop related news:

I was about to post the link for bookings for my first line and wash workshop with ArtiSon up near Masham: their website only went live for bookings on Saturday ,& I’m astounded to see there’s only one place left!!!


artisan workshop booking info