Great news….

Exciting news today!

After weeks of emailing and to-ing and fro-ing, It’s finally been confirmed that I will be showing some of my humble scribbles at the Staithes Festival:

In only its second year, the festival has been vastly over-subscribed with artists wanting to be there, so I count myself very lucky to have secured space, and I can’t wait.

I’ve also had a bit of a re-brand: my planned presence in Staithes forced me to do a bit of thinking about what it is I do, and what I’m proudest of, so…… ta-dah!!!!! …my new logo…




It’s been a while…part 2….

So, much water under many bridges since I last posted, and  indeed, promised that i would do so on a much more regular basis.

Seven months since then, and I’m finally ready to get stuck in. Not that I haven;t been busy -far from it: I’ve been beavering away, sketching, drawing, getting (even) older, and for the last three months – the first of this New Year -have been working on the reason for this post: a fantastic commission  from an interior design company to provide artwork for a refurbished hotel ..The New Angel in Whitby, North Yorkshire.. I was delighted with the initial enquiry, then over the moon Jim when I found out that the project was in one of my favourite places in the world -Whitby! I then found out that the end client, the developer  was a small pub company you may have heard of….JD Wetherspoon!!!!!!!

I was especially pleased that my work was selected because of the particular style of the images they’d seen on my Flickr stream,..clean pen and ink with minimal colour, .a format I like and have been consciously developing.

Many rough sketches  several emails, and much midnight oil resulted in the three selected pieces being parceled up and sent off for framing in late February. The hotel opened on March 28th, and we went in on Good Friday, to be astounded at the sheer quality of the refurbishment, and the crowds of people in every nook and cranny of the pub/hotel.

I finally found the room with my work , and couldn’t resist telling the folks dining under them…’I did those’ as I took photographs. here they are…I’m very chuffed to say the least, although I can now see how I could have improved them when I see them again after a few weeks….

Something new for me this week.

So, my comfort zone is usually with a ruling pen in my hand, and some clearly drawn lines on a sheet of paper…however, during the process of creating some ‘softer’ images for The Breast Cancer Unit notecards( I’ve created 4 more images which are being assessed as i write!!!), I discovered I actually really like the feeling of just doing colour washes, and fighting my every instinct to define the colour with a black (or sepia ink) line, I’m learning to leave them alone and let the results breathe a little, and trust they’ll work!

Here’s just one of the sketches…the rest are on my Flickr page..and for some reason, I think these are all reminiscent of coastal scenes!

Olympic fever has slowed everything down….

…conversely, as the world’s athletes speed round the track, everything else seems to have ground almost to a halt.Still, it would be churlish not to join in the nationwide glow of patriotism surrounding Team GB – their acheivements are remarkable…British sportspersons, winning stuff???

Any way, not much to report on the art front this week, other than the fact that the Breast Cancer card designs were very well received, and I’m busy creating 4 more to make a set of 8 in total. I’m also busy assembling my work in readiness for the annual St Gemma’s Art Exhibition later in the year. In the past, it’s been a scramble to choose, frame and get the stuff there: I’m determined that everything will be ready well in advance…I already have 8 paintings chosen, all I have to do is frame them and we’re good to go.

here’s one sketch I scanned today….took me five minutes in my baby Moleskine… and I may well do a fully fledged painting…

Morning folks!

Wow…August already – Geni has just reminded me that my eldest son is about to turn42….42! if I need any more reminding that time is flying by!

Anyhooo…to matters artistic: I have completed and presented the first four images for the Breast Cancer notelet project! Initial reactions are very favourable, so I’m now waiting for feedback from ‘t committee, and we’ll take it to the next stage of fine tuning.Here’s one of the images I created…these are all way outside my comfort zone, but it’s been a useful way to force me to try something different, and, there are no ink lines in this work…..!!!!

Another week goes by….

The news this week is that I’m delighted to have been asked to supply illustrations for  fund raising cards for the Breast Cancer Unit at the Leeds General Infirmary: obviously I’m more than pleased, for the most personal of reasons, and I’m busy working on the rough designs to present to them.It’s a fantastic opportunity to help the work of the unit, and to feel I’m contributing in a small way ….

They’ve asked for 4 cheerful images, but I think I’ll do at least 6: the challenge is to avoid the cliches and yet keep the subjects relevant. Once the project is approved and in production, I’ll post the illustrations.

Meanwhile, here a re a couple of sketches from this week’s output: these are works in progress, and will eventually be fully fledged paintings…

The first is a sketch of a back street in Manchester city centre where there are three pubs side-by-side !…

The next is an attempt at loose watercolour only: no lines, no pen…just very loose washes…oh, and it’s a corner of our front garden, trying to pretend we live in the 50s with a traditional cottage feel..

All of the work featured here and on my Flickr page is for sale…just email me if there’s anything you like!

A Post A Week?

So, the ‘once a week’ posting promise I made myself back in February didn’t work….I can always find a reason why it didn’t, but now I will make it happen…starting here:


This is the latest in a series of  East Coast images….trying to find a style that works for me, and is interesting to others…..

This one’s an unusual view of one of the most-painted towns on the Yorkshire Coast: Staithes. This one is called Staithes Riviera,’cause I thought it looked almost sub tropical.