Olympic fever has slowed everything down….

…conversely, as the world’s athletes speed round the track, everything else seems to have ground almost to a halt.Still, it would be churlish not to join in the nationwide glow of patriotism surrounding Team GB – their acheivements are remarkable…British sportspersons, winning stuff???

Any way, not much to report on the art front this week, other than the fact that the Breast Cancer card designs were very well received, and I’m busy creating 4 more to make a set of 8 in total. I’m also busy assembling my work in readiness for the annual St Gemma’s Art Exhibition later in the year. In the past, it’s been a scramble to choose, frame and get the stuff there: I’m determined that everything will be ready well in advance…I already have 8 paintings chosen, all I have to do is frame them and we’re good to go.

here’s one sketch I scanned today….took me five minutes in my baby Moleskine… and I may well do a fully fledged painting…

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