I’ve been busy drawing….

I have, so far, kept up my self imposed challenge of doing at least one drawing or sketch or line and wash piece each day: these are in a variety of sketchbooks and on random bits of paper I have lying around( as a Yorkshireman, I hate waste!!).

This is one of my most recent ones: a line drawing of a street in Rye, Eats Sussex. I was captivated by the street scenes of this amazing town while watching the excellent recent BBC adaption of Mapp & Lucia, so it’s added to my 2105 list  of places to see.

I have also added several more to the ‘recent sketches page…take a look and let me know what you think?


Some of the sketch images have since been worked up into  finished drawings/paintings which mounted and will be framed and are  for sale – if you see anything of  interest you might like to purchase, just contact me: I’ll be happy to have a chat.

A street in Rye





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