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  1. I just purchased a very nice colored pencil drawing of the Salisbury cathedral dated in 1967 would this be one of yours?

    1. Hi Len, thanks for asking, but I don’t recall ever having drawn Salisbury Cathedral…do you have a pic of the drawing I could look at? cheers John

    2. Hi John, l was at your demo last night in Pickering and thoroughly enjoyed it.
      I asked you about workshops and having looked at your website see you are doing one
      On 23rd Sept at Cayton Bay and although it may be for members of a club wondered if they would accept two of us to join you? I will need to check that date with my friend but thought l would ask now.
      I am rubbish at perspective and l suppose the easiest way is to practice more and l did like the effect of line and wash. I love old gateways doors walls etc and l really want to be able to draw better and happy enough to keep trying!
      I would be grateful if you could let me know if l need to get in touch with the club or person concerned to ask, that is if they accept incomers.
      Kind regards Wendy T Simm

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Hello John,
    We have an acrylic(?) painting of a barn (which was, we think, in possibly Ockley or Coldharbour, Surrey), with the date 1970 and bearing your signature. My husband used to live in Holmbury St Mary, and he bought the painting at a local exhibition and met you briefly. Please could you email us, so we can send you a photo of the painting, and perhaps have your comments on it? (We like your website, by the way!)

    1. Hello Ian & mary, thanks for writing, and many apologies for the delayed reply -your comment was buried deep in the spam section of my site!!! I’m not at all sure that I painted the picture youhave, as I’ve never been to that neck of the woods…if you’d like to email me – -I’m happy to take a look and confirm it for you? Thanks also for the compliment on my site JOhn

  3. I am interested in your style of work as I’m moving towards pen and wash at the moment myself,but just as an amateur.

    I wonder whether you ever do demonstrations at Art Societies? Our group is in East Yorkshire, so possibly reachable.

    With thanks ……….Valerie

    1. Hi nice of you to contact me -the answer is ‘yes’ I do demos and workshops at Art Clubs & societies -I just held one for the York & District SAA this last Saturday in fact. I will find your email and write to you directly…but east Yorkshire is more than reachable for me…thanks again

  4. I just spotted your lovely sketch of the Santa’s Grotto queue at Lotherton Hall on Pinterest.

    I was wondering if you’d mind us posting it on the Leeds Museums and Galleries Facebook or Twitter accounts? We would fully credit you.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment -of course, I’d be more than happy for you to re-post the sketch. I did this( and others) as part of an Urban Sketch event with a group of artists from Leeds and around, just before Christmas.As I live in garforth, I suggested Lotherton as a venue for the day -we’ve been to the City Museum a couple of times recently

  5. Just seen a pic of yours on twitter (retweeted by st cuthberts mill) and am completely blown away by your painting style so clean and simple. you have another follower now on your twitter acc.



    1. Ray, thank you so much for your kind words -you’re very gracious to take the time to comment…always great when someone ‘gets’ what Im trying to achieve.
      all the best

  6. Hello John

    Thanks for contacting Penrith Art Club. You are right, we are planning our programme from September 2017 onwards and would certainly be interested in booking you for a club evening demonstration, possibly followed by a workshop the following day.
    Could you let me have details of costs, travelling, overnight stay etc.

    Yours Margaret Jones Chairman

  7. Dear John

    Thanks for contacting Penrith Art Club. Yes, we would certainly be interested in you giving a line and wash demonstration on one of our club evenings, with maybe a workshop the following day.

    We are now organising the programme for October 2017 onwards. Could you please let us have details of cost, travel, overnight stay etc and we will try to confirm dates.

    Margaret R Jones Chairman

    1. Hello Margaret,
      Thank you forgetting in touch: I’m currently across Cumbria at the moment, getting ready for a workshop tomorrow with the Gosforth Group near Raven glass.
      Once I’m back home in front of a proper keyboard rather than my phone, I’ll write to you againwith all the info you need…
      Regards John

  8. Hi John

    I was talking to you last night in Rochdale about your day workshop on 3rd June at Garforth Station. I mentioned this to a friend, to was also at the workshop last night. We are both interested. Could you send details so we can book.

    Many thanks



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    1. Hi Tony, thank you for your kind words: you’re correct, at the moment there is no ‘subscribe to updates’ facility…I’ll have a poke around and see if I can add that and let you know once it’s there?
      many thanks again

    2. Afternoon Tony…

      if you have a look again at the home page of my blog/site, you should now see a subscribe to updates button. I’ll add a new blog post so if you can try it and do let me know if it works?

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