An exciting start to the year!!!!

In terms of greeting cards, they don’t come much bigger than Hallmark: formed in 1910, they produce billions of cards a year, worldwide. Can you imagine, then, the state of my chuffedness (made-up word) to open an email from the UK creative manager asking if I’d like to help them create a new cleaner contemporary style of cards using my line drawings? Evidently, we’re ‘on the same page’ as they want clean, crisp drawings with some colour -right up my street.
Excited doesn’t even start to cover it….I finished the first four commissioned drawings for Hallmark ahead of time! I can’t post full size pics of them for obvious reasons, but here’s a tiny, very zoomed-in section of one of them. I’m also pleased that I managed to stick to the brief and NOT colour them in fully, as they were very specific about wanting lots of uncluttered line work left 
Quietly pleased with oneself.

In other news:  Here it is…my first Dalesman feature- number 1 in a new regular series featuring my drawings of Yorkshire.
On sale now at all reputable newsagents. Quite an amazing feeling standing in WH Smiths seeing my work in a national magazine!

Dalesman February 2018 issue