Workshop list

I’m fortunate to have a large number of workshops booked  well into next year, and, after a remark on my event in Ilkley  last week, I thought it would be useful to list the dates and locations, so anyone interested  can perhaps find one nearest? 

Many of the workshops are run by art clubs and societies for their own membership, but I know many of them do active welcome visitors to their events, so if any of these interest you, drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with the folks concerned.

Some are open to all comers though, and I’ve identified those with a capital P for public.

Here they are, in chronological order: I will update the list on monthly basis

*UPDATED 1 December  -the workshop at Ilkley on the 17 February 2018 still has 2 places left…email me for details.



February 10 Workshop for Gibside Art Group

February 17  full day workshop at Ilkley Studios  P

March 3 Workshop at Farsley Art Club 

March 17 Workshop at Calder Graphics, Huddersfield P  

Line and wash workshop at Calder Graphics

March 24  Full day workshop for Penrith Art Society

April 20 Workshop at Artison, Masham

May 17 Line and wash day at Broadrake, Ingleton P

May 29  Workshop for Carlton Art Club, Snaith near Goole

June 13  Workshop for Camsall Art Society, near Wakefield.

June 15 Workshop for Crofton Art Society, near Wakefield.

September 22    Urban sketching workshop Calder Graphics, Huddersfield P


Here’s an example of what you can expect on such an event….