Showing off…..

News of two fabulous exhibitions that I’m privileged to be taking part in…the first is Faultline, an exciting collaboration between poets and artists. I was invited to join in by Jo Mortimer of Devon, whose husband Paul is a celebrated poet, and the author of Faultline-a collection of poems,nominated for the prestigious Heaney Centre poetry prize.This is on now at The Oak Room until the end of April with more than 40 paintings based on the poetry debut collection of the same name by Tiverton poet Paul Mortimer – poet and author ~ and includes work by Tiverton artists Kirsten Elswood and Jo Mortimer, as well as Bella Bee and my good self . The Fault Line collection has also been nominated for the prestigious Heaney Centre poetry prize.The exhibition starts in Tiverton, then tours round the South West until the end of the year. Here’s the info, followed by one of my pieces for the show, inspired by a line from one of Paul’s poems..

.I’ll post later about the second exhibition, in Harrogate this time.

Faultline tour poster Faultline of washing