I’ve been busy drawing….

I have, so far, kept up my self imposed challenge of doing at least one drawing or sketch or line and wash piece each day: these are in a variety of sketchbooks and on random bits of paper I have lying around( as a Yorkshireman, I hate waste!!).

This is one of my most recent ones: a line drawing of a street in Rye, Eats Sussex. I was captivated by the street scenes of this amazing town while watching the excellent recent BBC adaption of Mapp & Lucia, so it’s added to my 2105 list  of places to see.

I have also added several more to the ‘recent sketches page…take a look and let me know what you think?


Some of the sketch images have since been worked up into  finished drawings/paintings which mounted and will be framed and are  for sale – if you see anything of  interest you might like to purchase, just contact me: I’ll be happy to have a chat.

A street in Rye





It’s quarter past eight…or, in new coinage, 2015.

Happy New Year to one and all! January is here and with it, lots of new ideas, plans, and projects.

I was really chuffed to have made it along to my first Urban Sketchcrawl in Leeds just before Christmas – I’ll write about it in full in a new post shortly( one of my sketches from the day is below) ; I’m really flattered to be asked to write an article for The Artist online edition for February,and I’m giving my first line and wash demonstration to a local art group this week, with several more booked in – I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension, but I’m sure it’ll be fine once I get started!

It occurred to me that not everyone will have actually bought the January 2015 issue of Coast which featured little old me, either by choice or simply ’cause they couldn’t find it, so here’s the article in full., courtesy of the lovely Madeleine from the editorial team.

106_COAST_JAN15 (1)

(Click the link to read it at full size).


roman statues