I’m on Cloud 9 (or I will be soon)……

I was delighted and flattered to be contacted last week by the owners of a new gallery in Bacup, planned to open in May.I’m now busy sorting out some work for the gallery walls, along with some new handmade cards – here’s their facebook page: exciting stuff!


I will also be delivering new work to the Mustard Gallery in Langholm, which will be there at the start of May….busy times ahead!!!!


Here’s a new digitally coloured sketch -boats on the shores of Grasmere..the original watercolour is of the new works I’m taking up to Lisa and barry in Langholm.

digital boats 2 derwentwater

Modesty forbids….oh, go on then!

I’m delighted on a Monday morning to be featured on a great website:


it’s self explanatory, so I’ll just post one of my recent sketches -one that attracted the good folk at Yorinspired to contact me.bay hotel RHB 2