Summer’s nearly over…..

…..I can’t believe it.

I’ve spent much of the last couple of months in a frenzy of preparation for the 2nd Annual Staithes Festival of Art and Heritage,

as readers of my facebook page

will know.


It was a great success with 111 artists exhibiting in 78 ‘galleries’ in cottages around the village – certainly I managed to sell a significant  number of my new greeting cards, and some original illustrations too. The village was alive with almost 4000 visitors and arty types for three days: my jaw ached from so much talking and explaining my work, but I received some fantastic compliments from folks far more qualified than me, so I’m quite pleased. I made some great contacts too, and have already had a couple of commissions for house portraits from people who came through Broome Cottage….

I have already expressed an interest in repeating the whole thing next year…here’s a quick sketch I did whilst loitering between waves of visitors to the cottage…

A very quick sketch...very quick, trying mainly to catch the colour and the mood of the day...
A very quick sketch… trying mainly to catch the colour and the mood of the day…which was fantastic